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Design Courses

  • 16 Classes

This visual Merchandising and store Design course is a journey into the art and science behind creating captivating retail spaces. Explore the strategic principles and creative techniqu..

  • 5000
What you will learn
  • Design Principles: Understand the fundamentals of design, layout, and spatial organization tailored specifically for ret...
  • Consumer Behavior: Explore how human psychology influences purchasing decisions and learn to design spaces that resonate...
  • Visual Storytelling: Understand the art of using visual elements, colors, lighting, and displays to convey brand stories...
  • Merchandising Strategies: Learn effective merchandising techniques to optimize product presentation, highlighting key it...
  • Store Planning and Execution: Gain insights into the planning, implementation, and evaluation of store design strategies...

  • 47 Classes

This training course has been prepared to take you from knowing nothing, or just a little about Cinema 4D, and teach you all the fundamental skills so you can start working on your own.

  • 5000
What you will learn
  • Learn the fundamentals of Cinema 4D with a hands-on, project-based approach
  • Learn a flexible procedural workflow that allows you to create a variety of shapes and designs with ease
  • Be able to create eye-catching 3D designs and animations. Foundations of Cinema 4D
  • Countless tips and tricks
  • Best industry practices and many more

  • 44 Classes

This course will teach you to use Photoshop professionally. You will be able to add Photoshop to your CV & start getting paid for your Photoshop skills.

  • 5000
What you will learn
  • You will be able to start earning money from your Photoshop Skills.
  • You will be able to add Photoshop to your CV
  • You will create graphics from scratch
  • You will retouch photographs like a professional
  • Design business cards, flyer, letterhead, banners, and more.
  • Master selections, layers, and working with the layers panel
  • Remove people or objects from photos and many freehands.
  • You’ll learn graphic design, photo editing & photo retouching in Photoshop and more.

  • 69 Classes

Master the art of graphic design using Adobe Illustrator with our comprehensive online course. From beginner-friendly basics to advanced techniques, unleash your creativity and create s..

  • 5000
What you will learn
  • Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals: Gain a solid understanding of Adobe Illustrator's interface, tools, and features
  • Design Principles and Concepts: Explore essential design principles such as color theory, composition, typography, and v...
  • Illustration and Icon Design: Learn the techniques and strategies to create illustrations and icons using Adobe Illustra...
  • Logo Design: Master the art of logo design using Illustrator.
  • Advanced Techniques: Dive into advanced Illustrator techniques, including shape transformations, layer management, blend...
  • Design for Various Media Platforms: Explore designing for different media platforms, such as print, web, and social medi...