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Managing a Sales Team with Success

The first fundamental skill every sales leader must learn to master how to manage a sales team and communicate effectively. Without this skill, every sales leader is likely to fail. This online course will guide you on the fundamental sales skills required in managing a sales team. You will learn the various communication techniques, metrics, compensation plan, evaluation methods, account management and forecasting in the sales team management.

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What you will learn

  • Motivating a Team
  • Leadership is Sales Team Management
  • Communication in Sales Team Management
  • Coaching the team for performance
  • Accounts management and effective forecasting
  • Manage the metrics


  • Be an aspiring sales leader, with basic knowledge in sales management.


The sales team is usually a very vital aspect of every business. The success and continuity of every business depend on the growth of the business, which is most times dependent on the sales of the business. The drivers of these sales are considered vital assets to the business. A poorly managed sales team may lead to poor sales and eventually can result in the breakdown of the business. 

We all have communicated countless thoughts, ideas, moments of happiness and occasional anger in our personal lives, but the case is different in a corporate environment, and most especially, when dealing with the sales team. Studies have revealed that a demotivated salesperson has higher chances of poor performance. The big question is, how do you charge your sales team to become highly motivated and deliver beyond expectation? How do you manage them to be able to understand their difficulties and provide them with the support that can help them perform well?

This online course will guide you with the fundamentals of sales team management, the basic techniques, evaluation systems and more in managing a sales team.

Course Content

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Introduction Managing a Sales Team with Success
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Leadership begins with communication