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Soft skills

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Soft skills Courses

  • 34 Classes

In this online course, you will learn about personal branding and how it applies to you. We will go over personal branding core strategies and techniques that can build success. We will..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Personal Branding Techniques
  • Building resilience that drive growths
  • Building and managing your relationships with others
  • Credible leadership and more.

  • 12 Classes

In this online course, you are going to learn how to deliver an inspiring accounting presentation. Finance professionals and executives are being called on more and more to deliver pres..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Principles of making presentation
  • Planning a perfect presentation
  • Delivering Killer Opening
  • Getting your message across
  • Making your presentation visual
  • Wrapping up your presentation

  • 14 Classes

Learn how to use PowerPoint as it was always intended, as a visual aid to captivate your audience. This is a course about how to use PowerPoint. The course not only covers the features..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • PowerPoint Presentation Planning
  • Slide Design Features
  • Visual Aid
  • Using Charts
  • Graphics in PowerPoint
  • Slide Transitions
  • Animation Features
  • Presentation Mode

  • 25 Classes

This course is composed of four one modules in ethics. However, unlike most ethics courses, we will not bore you with lectures on what not to do or the rules of professional conduct. Th..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Ethical Intelligence
  • Approaches to Ethics
  • Ethical Decay
  • Ethical Organizations

  • 31 Classes

This training contains the key elements you need in order to start a career in the workplace as a fresh graduate. This online course is essentially ideal for fresh graduates with at lea..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Time management
  • Conflict Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Personal Grooming and Branding
  • Team Working
  • Health and Safety Tips
  • Emotional Intelligence

  • 16 Classes

‘Corporate Etiquette’ is defined as the code of ethical and honourable behaviour with respect to professional practise or behaviour among the members of a profession in their dealings w..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • What Corporate Etiquette is
  • Benefits of Corporate Etiquette
  • How to Show Etiquette in Communication
  • Common Courtesy Expressions
  • Phrases for Greeting
  • Steps to Make Introductions
  • Etiquette of Using Business Cards
  • Role of Body Language in Etiquette
  • Norms of Dressing Etiquette
  • Behaviors driving Corporate Etiquette and more.

  • 9 Classes

In organizations, communication follows paths or channels. The communication between managers and subordinates is known as vertical communication because the information flows up or dow..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Various Barriers of Effective Communication
  • Business Communication Introduction
  • Steps of Monroe's Motivated Sequence
  • Various Questioning Techniques
  • Role of Active Listening for Effective Communication
  • Role of Body Language for Effective Communication
  • Method of Writing Effective Emails
  • Explain AIDA: Attention-Interest-Desire-Action Tool