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Scheduling in Operations Management: Strategy and Concepts

Scheduling of operations and workplace planning is the final step in operation planning and design. A bad schedule can be catastrophic in the entire circle of operations planning. Insufficient production, overproduction, untimely production, among others are some of the consequences that Operations Manager can face if they do not have the skills required in operations management. This online course, although brief, but will equip you with the fundamentals in Scheduling of Operations Management.

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What you will learn

  • Importance of Scheduling of Operations
  • Objectives of Scheduling of Operations
  • Understanding Production Environment
  • Understanding Production Order Statistics
  • Tasks of Scheduling of Operations
  • Aspects to Consider for Scheduling
  • Approaches to Scheduling of Operations
  • Challenges to scheduling of operations


  • You need to have a basic understanding of operations management to take this course. If you do, grab some coffee, popcorn if you wish and let's begin!


Scheduling is the process of arranging, controlling and optimizing work and workloads in a production process or manufacturing process. Scheduling is used to allocate plant and machinery resources, plan human resources, plan production processes and purchase materials.

Scheduling in operations and workplace planning is implemented during the transformation of input to output. Scheduling of operations deals with production of the required quantity of product within the required time frame. Workplace planning deals with the allocation of resources with priority to work job with a first delivery date.

This course teaches the basic principles and techniques in scheduling operations. By the end of the course, you should understand how you as an operations officer can be able to effectively schedule properly and effectively.

Course Content

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Introduction to Scheduling of Operations
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Explain what is meant by scheduling of operations