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How to Analyse Your Business

Not every change requires an extensive commitment of time and resources. The challenge is to identify those problems which affect the company as a whole as opposed to those which impact just one part, and furthermore determine which events are minor irritations and which present symptom of serious trouble. This online course will equip you with the contemporary basic strategy and techniques in analysing your business to make it more efficient and effective.

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What you will learn

  • Best way to Analyze Your Business
  • Management Essentials
  • Transforming your Business
  • Vision and Planning
  • Commitment to Quality Standards
  • Leadership in Business
  • Decision making techniques
  • Marketing and Finance
  • Communication
  • Information Technology


  • No specific skill is required to take this course. Get a good PC/Laptop, or your phone with an internet connection, then you are good to go.


This course will equip you with the basic skills required to properly analyse your business to understand its performance, weakness, strength, possible threats, in order to apply strategies that can positively impact the business. 

Successful businesses have 5 features in common. These are:-

⚫ Are led by visionary and enthusiastic leaders

⚫ Know their customers

⚫ Unlock the potential of their people

⚫ Deliver products that exceed their customer’s expectations

⚫ Continuously introduce differentiated products and services

Take this course and equip yourself with some of these skills to become proficient in the basics of business analysis. 

Course Content

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Introduction Analyze your business
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Eight Management Essentials