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Leadership & Management Study

Whether you’re just starting or you have been leading or in management for a long time, leadership development skills are something that are beneficial to everyone. Ensure that you have the training and skills that you need to be able to be lead your team through any situation. Our leadership and management techniques training enables you to study leadership at a time that suits you, whether at home, at work, or on a break.

Corporate Finance Principles: Foundation Masterclass

Corporate Finance Principles

Auditing Cryptocurrency: Ethical Guide and Strategy

This course uses several case studies to illustrate the audit and ethical considerations in the newly emerging sector.Few accountants and auditors are conversant with cryptocurrency technology and this course is designed to improve your level of awareness and deepen your understanding of issues associated with issuing an audit opinion for clients in this space.

Change Management & Communication Skills for Financial Managers

In this course we are going to look at change from all perspectives, and also communication skills for financial managers. From what sorts of corporate initiatives require careful consideration of change management principles, to the challenges of implementing change. We look at change from the perspective of the employee, after all, it's they for whom we need to change for the organization to be successful.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Implementation Masterguide

In this course, Jennifer Nicholson, a many-time CFO, who has recently gone through implementing a new ERP system shares with you her own insights and experience with the ERP implementation process.

Financial Statement Auditing and Analysis: Pro Guide

This online course deals with two critical areas in finance: financial analysis and financial auditing. Learn how to interpret all the parts of a set of financial statements, properly audit it, and make decisions using a financial rationale

Best Practices for a Quicker Financial Close: Quick Guide

Learn how top-performing companies close their books. The pressure on the finance function has never been higher to deliver financial results as soon as possible after the period. Managers, analysts, Boards, and investors are digesting market information in real time and are beginning to expect the same of financial results.

Capital Allocation & Budgeting: Advanced MasterClass

This online course deals extensively with capital allocation and budgeting in finance. It covers the core techniques for business owners and business leaders in tackling financial resource allocations, and budgeting techniques. This course is highly suitable for business owners (small, medium or large scale business).

Your First 100 Days as a CFO: Preparation MasterClass

In this online course, you are going to look at getting started in a new CFO role. Whether this is your first appointment as CFO or perhaps you are transitioning to a new CFO role at another organization, we will look at different approaches for your first 100 days. We begin with a profile of the modern CFO, that is, what you need to bring to the organization.

Corporate Presentation Skills: Become a Pro Presenter

In this online course, you are going to learn how to deliver an inspiring accounting presentation. Finance professionals and executives are being called on more and more to deliver presentations inside and outside the organization. How you deliver these presentations is ultimately a reflection of your executive presence. In this course, you will learn how to plan and organize your presentation; how to tell your message in a way that your audience will remember it and act up on it; and how to deliver your presentation with poise and confidence.

Powerful PowerPoint Presentations: Ultimate Training

earn how to use PowerPoint as it was always intended, as a visual aid to captivate your audience. This is a course about how to use PowerPoint. The course not only covers the features of PowerPoint but more importantly how to use the features to create presentations that stand apart and engage the audience.

Rethinking the Boardroom: Strategic Leadership and Corporate Governance

This course will provide participants with a look behind the boardroom doors to evaluate the effectiveness of leadership and corporate governance systems. Today’s corporate directors, and the executive teams with whom they work, are being challenged by the owners of the organization more so than ever to not only protect their interests, but also enhance corporate performance. As boards already struggle to balance the growing list of regulatory compliance requirements, we are going to identify and explore three key board leadership roles that differentiate good boards from great ones.

Fraud in the Workplace: Financial Manager's Guide

In this online course, we are going to tackle a topic that doesn’t factor into many senior financial leader’s agendas all that often or until something happens, that is, fraud in the workplace. Occupational fraud is a giant global industry. Organizations are losing an estimated 5% of revenues to employee fraud each year according to the experts at the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Does that statistic shock you? Are you in disbelief that the number could be so high? In this course, we are going to discuss how employees are doing it, how we can detect it, and most importantly, what can be done to prevent it in the first place.

Financial Modeling Using Excel: Become a Pro

In this online course, you are going to learn how to financially model a business using Excel. Financial models underpin strategic and business planning, solicitations for financing, budgeting and forecasting, business valuations, cash budgeting, capital budgeting, and so many other corporate finance purposes. In this course, we are going to concentrate on the preparation of a financial projection of the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow. We will use an approach that keeps model integrity and credibility top of mind throughout development.

Transform, Grow and Innovate in Finance

This online finance course will teach you about how you can transform and develop your finance business through the stages of personal transformation, people transformation, process transformation, and systems transformation. You will learn how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business and plan a strategy for success. This way you can help your organization achieve a fruitful financial transformation.