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Organisation Management

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Organisation Management Courses

  • 12 Classes

This online course on NGO management is short and precise and covers the core management and structural skills that are required in managing a successful NGO. You need resources, knowle..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • Introduction NGO Management
  • Classification of NGOs
  • Management Structures in NGOs
  • Need for Core Principles for NGO Management
  • Role of Public Relations in NGO Management
  • Ethics & Professionalism in NGO Management
  • Sources of NGO Funding
  • Measuring Social Return on Investment and more

  • 10 Classes

This online course deals specifically in Centralization and Decentralization in organisation structure, and the processes, techniques in ensuring an adequate structure, flow in Centrali..

  • 2500
What you will learn
  • What Centralization is
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Delegation vs Decentralization
  • Advantages of Centralization
  • Determining Extent of Centralization
  • Types of Decentralization
  • Prerequisites of Decentralization
  • Marketing decision to decentralize